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St. Mary’s Pharmacy is your local one stop Pharmacy for all your Rx needs.Like chain and big Pharmacies we don’t do automation.Real people are always available for your needs. For your questions and refill requests you can directly talk to the Pharmacist without any barriers unlike the chain pharmacies.  We are here to serve the Community, but not to do the business.

Customer Service is  # 1 priority at St. Mary’s Pharmacy.  Pharmacist is available to every patient for consultation. Our job as a Pharmacist in chain pharmacies constrained to merely checking and bagging the medications at times and thus came the need and realization for our extended role to bring some real change in patients lives and all of us decided to move to independent pharmacies.

St. Mary’s Pharmacy is located in Leonard town. At St. Mary’s Pharmacy we give the best services like: Excellent Customer Service, waiting time less than 15 minutes, Friendly Staff, Patient consultation to all patients in store and over the phone. We accept all major insurance plans. Cash customers get the best price in the area.


  •  We offer the best cash prices in the area on all Cash Prescriptions.
  • Get 15% discount on all Pet medications.
  • We order all special vitamins and medical supplies per your request, the next day.
  •  We do all compounds per doctor’s orders.
  • All Wallgreen’s customers are welcome who have Tricare, Express Scripts and
    Amerigroup Insurance plans.
  • We do free delivery for all needy customers.
  • We carry all medications for Hospice patients.
  • Assisted living patients, Group home patients and Foster care home patients are